Visible Visitors Security Management System

By partnering with Dunn Solutions Group to offer Visible Visitors to your existing client base, you will receive the following benefits:
  • Generate additional incremental net income with no additional cost
  • Provide a value-added service to building management
  • Enhance the level of customer service provided through your guards
  • Increase the marketing and position of your organization with the tenant community
  • Position your organization as a forward thinking provider in the security services arena
As a Visible Visitor's Partner (VVP) your team and ours will work together to sell and deliver the Visible Visitors visitor management software solution to your customers. Since Visible Visitors is completely Internet based there is no software to purchase or install, and we will be responsible for all service and support.

In addition to the shared revenue we will also provide the following to assist you in selling Visible Visitors:
  • Support for interactive online demos with potential customers
  • Online training for new customers
  • Co-branding of Visible Visitors
  • Demo version of Visible Visitors for use in selling

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